Main Missions

Main missions of the MNSS are specified by the Law on National Security Services (Act No. CXXV. of 1995):

  Collects military political, defence industrial and military information that facilitates the government’s decision-making process as well as collects all the necessary data for the strategic-operational and information protection planning activity of the MoD and the General Staff.

  Detects and averts foreign secret services’ efforts affronting Hungary’s sovereignty and defence interests.

  Detects and averts in its area of responsibility any relevant covert efforts aimed at disturbing or changing Hungary’s constitutional order by using unlawful and/or illegal means.

  Collects information on terrorist organisations threatening national security, detects and averts any efforts made by foreign powers, organisations or persons to commit terrorist acts against MoD or HDF organisations.

  Collects information on organised crime affecting its functioning, on criminal acts assigned into its competence by the National Security Law or jeopardising the MoD and the HDF in carrying out their legal tasks, as well as on any cyber-activity violating Hungary’s defence interests and on any efforts and attempts aimed against Hungarian units and troops deployed in operations.

  Performs the relevant national security-related tasks in relation to any defence industrial research and development, production and trade-related activity at the competent MoD or HDF organs and takes the necessary measures on the one hand to detect, avert or hinder illicit trade of internationally controlled products, technologies as well as defence equipment and services, and on the other hand to control their legal trade.

  Provides security and protection to the relevant strategic military organisations, installations as well as the governmental and military command and control facilities.

  Performs all qualification, security clearance and personal protection-related tasks in connection with persons occupying important and confidential positions, as well as economic organisations, special procurements, military events and exercises.