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Welcome on the website of the Military National Security Service!

The integration of the Military Intelligence Office and the Military Security Office constituted a milestone in the structural reorganisation of the Hungarian national security services. As a result of this integration the Military National Security Service, a renewed and reinforced member of the Hungarian national security community, was established on 1 January 2012.

The mission of the integrated military intelligence and counter-intelligence service is to prevent, detect and avert the efforts and activities threatening the security of Hungary; to provide information supporting political and military decision-making. One of the most important responsibilities of the MNSS is to ensure the legal operation of the Ministry of Defence and the Hungarian Defence Forces as well as to provide intelligence support and protection to the Hungarian personnel serving in international crisis management and peace support operations.

By creating this homepage our most important aim was to provide – within the framework of legal possibilities – an insight into our life, main events and the various responsibilities of Hungary’s single military secret service.

Here, we are going to publish regularly professional research papers from the military intelligence and security sphere, which we hope would be welcomed by both experts of these special fields, and by visitors interested in military national security activities.

In addition, we are going to continuously publish our recent significant events on the homepage of the Military National Security Service in order to inform our Visitors.

Lieutenant General János Béres, Ph.D.

Director General